28 juillet 2013

To my foreign readers

It's been a long time I noticed that readers here were coming not only from France, but also from USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Russia, Netherlands, Thailand and more...

For those of you who are no french readers, I just added on top right, a Google translate option, to translate all my blog in (nearly) all languages.

If you're happy with that, just let me a little comment telling me where you come from, I'll be happy to know you !

Edit : Well, I know that Google translations is far from perfect (I checked some awful translations), but at least you will discover approximately what this blog is talking about, and this might be a first step for me before writing both in french and english, maybe later ? If I have a little interaction with my english speaking readers, why not ?

9 commentaires:

  1. Thank you Wendy for this idea i should have had long time ago !

  2. super idée en effet pour les non francophones

  3. Although the translation is sometimes hilarious - together with my rusty "school-French" it makes me understand what you write!
    best from the Netherlands, Annie

  4. Ik ben blij dat je dit gedaan hebt. Ik spreek en lees geen Frans. Ik ben uit Nederland. Groeten van Geri

  5. Strange translation. I am from Holland
    Greetings from Geri

  6. Bonjour

    otre site est fantastique ! Sincerement! Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation !